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Dear Steve,

This trip is my first "Actual" clowning and I find it amazing maybe because of the energy that the whole group brings.
I have a different perspective of clowning now.
The caring for all was unbelievable. I have learned a lot and realize that I have indeed a lot to give. 6 days too short for me, maybe 2 weeks would be better.

Have a good week and before I forget, thank you again so much for taking this enormous task of getting us together.

God Bless you and take care.
Connie (From Malaysia)              

Dear Steve,                   

A transformational experience for me and Habib. We would do it again. Thank you for giving us a ride back to the totel too. If you were ever to do this again, I suggest that our group dialogues be more focused on our experiences, and hearing from Patch and others who have a lot of wisdom to share with us.

Much love and gratitude Naz (Originally from Iran….now U.S.)

Dear Steve & Sheilah,      Thanks for your efforts in organizing the Cabo Caring & Clowning trip! The energy and time you put into the events was no small thing! It was a very wonderful experience for me ~ an amazing group of people that came together. I enjoyed all aspects of what we did. The downside for me was the language barrier, which limited my encounters. I am sorry I don't know Spanish... You guys did a wonderful job keeping things flowing and ordered. Not easy herding 35 clowns! For me, the only thing that might have been helpful was a little more information about the institutions we were visiting, prior to the visit. You did inform us ~ but I wanted to know more.

With best wishes, Kirk (From Washington)