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ID: Passport and another photo ID

Copies:  2-Photo copies of your passport, copies of your individual flight information

Funny colorful clothes.  Remember its warm in Cabo, so light clothes is best.  The more colorful the better

Props/Supplies:  Puppets, bubbles, face paints, funny flowers, balloons, tricks, etc.        anything you might need to USE your talents.

Hand sanitizer/wipes

Medications: Your prescription medication and over the counter meds like benadryl, tylenol, and anti-diarrhea products.



Percussion instruments/small drums/musical instruments

Snacks: For the plane/room.  There are many nearby little snack shops also

Camera/Film:  Disposable cameras are good if you don't want to bring an expensive camera

Toiletries: Travel size shampoo, toothpast/brush, sunscreen, bugspray, sunglasses, tampons/pads, etc

Spending money: Please bring at least $100.00-$200.00 for extras: Gifts, other events, snacks,bottled water, souveniers.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure and call your bank and credit card companies and TELL them the dates you will be in Mexico....SO that you can USE your credit cards while you are there.

Valuables:  Please don't bring anything extremely valuable to you that you cannot bear to lose.  We advise you to carry your passport in a secure manner (moneybelt, fannypack, etc...)  In our experience, it is safe to leave your passport in the hotel.

Carry-on baggage allowance:  Many airlines are charging an extra $25.00-$35.00 for checked bags.  We recommend one carry-on and one personal  item (purse/laptop computer/briefcase) 


Be thinking of YOU...and a possible character you may want to be:  Funny lady, clown...etc.  You can bring funny clothes, hats, scarves...  Hopefully you'll get into the 'spirit' and wear a funny hat.  But you DON'T have to....and Do Not be nervous...we'll all be silly together! AND....talking about who and how we want to be together!  The children love it...we're spreading care and love...and having lots of FUN!  Also don't feel that you have to have some special 'gift'.  Just being with the kids is enough...Something as easy as 'blowing bubbles' can mean A LOT to a child.  IF you have simple musical instruments, tricks, gadgets, funny things to look at...PLEASE feel free to bring them...One last note:  If you have any clothes, shoes, items that you want to donate...the families can use everything from toothpaste and soap to household items. Small trinkets for the kids are always fun:  rings, crayons, etc...

Note:  Do NOT feel you need to speak SPANISH...We'll have a sheet of common Spanish phrases such as:   "What's Your Name"? , "How Are You?" If you DO know some Spanish, we sure could use your help translating! You'll be amazed at how EASY it is to 'communicate'...MOSTLY.....Prepare yourself to be WIDE open with your heart, soul, and mind!

Most Importantly:  Be yourself with all of your charm, smiles, and LOVE!