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Caring And Giving in Cabo

Giving care and compassion to the people of Cabo....

AND... finding out who YOU are too!

Many people today are wanting to experience a DIFFERENT kind of trip in addition to" laying on the beach and shopping."  "Travel With A Purpose" has designed a trip for  YOU to get INVOLVED in the community.  There is a whole other side to most countries that very few every experience.  Cabo, in addition to being a resort town....also has very poor barrio areas, a poor general hospital, orphanges, daycare for working mothers, senior center, and many other social agencies.  These facilities welcome loving, caring, individuals who desire to serve, meet the locals,  and help out in the barrio neighborhood kitchens.  SO MUCH to experience and give!  What an opportunity!

Come experience a life-changing week in Cabo...using your talents, participating with the Mexican people in cooking for the barrio children, sharing your talents and playing with orphanage children, learning to be a clown at the hospital, actually BUILDING in the barrio neighbourhoods.... cooking and feeding children in impoverished neighborhoods of Cabo....serving, giving, AND receiving....and learning to BE WHO YOU ARE!

Each morning will be an exciting experience somewhere in the Cabo community

Afternoons will include workshop sessions...feedback, how did you do?...how can you feel, how would you like to get better....hopes, dreams, strategies...

You'll also be:

Participating in musical/percussion experiences on the beach!

Journaling your experiences

Introduced to a new culture, expand your awareness of another culture, and great possibilities of creating future friendships! AND broaden your perspectives....how to help others, future career in social change....AND so much more!

Experiencing nature as you’ve never seen it before: whales, bird life, sea-turtle egg hatching

An ecological experience: Visiting Mexico’s FIRST desalinization plant (removing salt from the ocean to provide cleanwater) located in Cabo!

AND....enjoying the amazing things that Cabo has to offer: bird sanctuary, nature walks,whale-watching, snorkeling,and many more beach activities

We'll  be staying together in one of the nicest Mexican inns in Cabo...eating the best of Mexico cuisine.. . and evenlearning to cook some of the favourite dishes

 Food, transportation, accommodations AND last day fun water adventure!)